flaum adger

by flaum adger

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Christopher Rasmussen
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Christopher Rasmussen One of the best rock records of the year! Favorite track: Damned if you do, Really Damned if you Do it a Lot.
Damian Harvey
Damian Harvey thumbnail
Damian Harvey Still playing this album almost daily! Love the tightness of the rhythm section, and the contrast between the straight vocals and raw guitar filling the gaps! Perfect production which suits the band perfectly. Inspiring. honestly. Get something else out! Or get some live stuff, demos...anything up on here! PLEASE!!! Favorite track: Damned if you do, Really Damned if you Do it a Lot.
John Bloor
John Bloor thumbnail
John Bloor Fantastically great alt-rock album!

The recording is so damn good, with wonderful space around the instruments and their tonality captured beautifully. Favorite track: The Church of Satan and the Custody Battle.
Craig Hutler
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Craig Hutler Wonderful things can happen when you mix two wonderful and talented members of -dis with the ever powerful Mac McNeilly of Jesus Lizard fame. Favorite track: The New Money.
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released May 1, 2013

Rob Sieracki - bass

Mac McNeilly - drums

Chris Fuller - guitar, vocals

Recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio and Studio Greg Studios II in Chicago, IL.

Mastered by Carl Saff. www.saffmastering.com

Cover photo courtesy the Polish Warbride.

Photos by Liz Clayton. kittyempire.org

The musics were written by the flaum adger river valley mountain boys. The bass line in "Smokin' Coke..." was lifted from Dare Damon circa 1989.

Thanks to Jenny, Mary, and Pilar. Thanks to Chris Hall and Dan Hanke. Thanks to the PRF.

All musics © 2013 Scary Bodega Productions Publishing ASCAP



all rights reserved


flaum adger Chicago, Illinois

Featuring 2/3 of dis- and 1/4 of the Jesus Lizard; Flaum Adger formed in 2008 in Chicago, IL. They have recorded one record to date. Personnel: Rob Sieracki - bass, Mac McNeilly - drums, Chris Fuller - guitar/vocals.

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Track Name: Damned if you do, Really Damned if you Do it a Lot
It was a hard time for such a cartoon
outside his prime-time, he took the harpoons
of critics in September and he was gone before November

Then he was out of school and nearly out of his depth
he took the Amtrak back to Madison
but he was no contender another hopeful seeking tenure

Then it was plan C, so he boarded a plane
back to his home town or really what remained
because the industry had left because the agriculture died

Now, it's a ghost town
Now, the broadcast is over
All done as a concept
Now, the series is cancelled

No one but a construct
Now, a name from a bad script
Track Name: Goth on Sunday, Glam on Payday
Some people take
the things they want to hear
from people in their lives

I'll keep it brief
I don't have much to say
and you won't fill that void

touch my heart or
change my mind or
make me stick around

say something that
has an impact
entice me to come down

Most people say
the things they memorize
and force them artlessly on you

I don't say a thing
but I get left behind
and I wonder why we're

caught between our loneliness
and a wish to be alone

misanthropes like us betray
ourselves and stay at home
Track Name: The Church of Satan and the Custody Battle
Your mother's right I'm afraid it's true
But this could be a life for you
We could be together

In Indiana

No god no devil no paradise
No hell no fire no other lies
No more church on Sunday

In Indiana

Your mother's wrong this is not a sin
'Cause I'm your father and your best friend
We can sign the papers
Track Name: Smoking Coke in my 733i
20 years stretched out from then to here and now to me it's really no surprise
that I've ended here and that I am this way and how I'm someone you might despise. I left the hospital and drove to Golden Gate but on the way I made a final stop - and a simple fact and one I can't deny - I probably wanted to get caught.

When the police came I turned my side-view mirrors 'til I could see them both on either side. Then a memory - a time in '64 - came a-fluttering across my mind: a banjo lying across my lap and smoke curling out of your mouth. There were bottles, smoke before the needles and mirrors - now 'basing's what it's all about.

We had our movement and we had our new ideas we had our own revolution style. We had our hair and clothes we went on tour and then the paparazzi grudgingly obliged. There were houses, vehicles, divorces, and legal fights. Higher consciousness was finally put on hold. We gave up but we were gettin' high.
Track Name: Working Class Vs. Know it All
They found you out the day that you arrived.
They saw your face they recognized your kind.
Their hands were tied they had to take you on.
Ostracized you luncheoned on your own.

The fantasy you carry at night:
of violence to answer every slight.
Privately you wage a silent war,
a war you've waged since 1974.
Track Name: The Polaroid of the Evening
I posted this and thought that I might feel better
and make you see the whole thing from a new perspective.

What's in my head and what's in your heart are in contention
as someone who pursues and then enjoys rejection.

I posted this and thought you might reconsider
and see yourself as you appear in the picture.
Track Name: The New Money
She has more money than her mom and dad
but they knew that she'd marry well

For them these wannabes, these dilettantes-
morality is wealth

And in this manner, they raise their sociopaths
to earn, to win, and to obtain.

She's made a fetish of all these things-
of shoes, of schools and restaurants.